Nothing says “girly-girl” like painted fingernails. And I’ve got 30 of them at my house. (Painted girly fingernails, that is. Not girly-girls. Whew!) When I get the nail polish out, my 2 littlest ones come running. And my 13-year-old is usually not far behind.

A friend of mine recently asked me for ideas for her daughter’s cupcake-themed birthday party,andthat’s when I thought, why not Cupcake Manicures?

So I tried it out on my little glamor girls, and sure enough, it was a hit.

Here’s what we did:

We started off with a base coat in a couple different colors to make the “cupcake wrapper”.

After that was dry, we added the “icing” on each nail with white polish.

And last, but definitely not least, came the tiny dot of red which put the cherry on top.

It’s easier than baking up a batch of cupcakes…and just as sweet.

Hope your girly-girls love them, too! I’ll be sharing them with a few of these friends. Spread the word!