It’s December 1st! Time to break out the Advent Calendars & let the official countdown to Christmas begin. There are so many cute & original ways to count down to the big day, like this Advent Pillow from Ballard. In fact, it’s $69 worth of cute.But, I’m just not the type of girl to spend $69 on a pillow when I can make it myself for, oh…around $5 or so. And since I know some of you are a lot like me, I’m sharing the How-To for my version.I used unbleached muslin again, like I have for other pillows, & cut the size I needed to fit my down insert.Then, I made some rows using 4 strips of thin black-checked ribbon, pinned in place, then sewn.My handy letter & number stamps I bought a few years ago at Hobby Lobby worked perfectly for stamping on the numbers.Once that was done, I made some DIY “Baker’s Twine” using natural-colored twine & these instructions. Then, I sewed a 12-inch piece of the twine above each number.Next, I made a little wreath from some green felt. I cut two “donuts” out of the felt using my ribbon spool as a pattern, then sewed around the edges with embroidery floss, stuffing the wreath with a tiny bit of poly-fil.After that, I just sewed the pillow together & tied the wreath on place. Now each day, we can tie the wreath onto the corresponding day of December!My kids are loving it. Hope you do, too! I’ll be sharing it with a few of these parties. Another Christmas pillow tutorial is coming soon along with more Christmas decorating ideas (if I can get it all up!).