Got an iPad under the tree for someone special this year? Why not make a unique handmade cover to go with it? Here’s one that’s super-simple, made from an up-cycled man’s shirt. Judging by this project & this project, you may have figured out by now that men’s shirts are fast becoming one of my favorite materials for new projects. And when my husband announced he was throwing this one out due to a stain, I had to give it a new life.And since this one happened to have his monogram on the pocket–well that was the icing on the cake. (By the way–if you’d like to add a monogram to your shirt before starting this project, try the freezer paper stencil method found here.)The first step is to cut the shirt to the appropriate size. Cut a rectangle measuring 9 1/4″ wide by 11 1/4″ long through the top & bottom layers of the shirt. Be sure to cut the left side approximately 1 inch to the left of the button placket, as pictured.For the liner, cut 2 pieces measuring 9″ x 11″ out of quality felt.Then, unbutton the thin edge from the shirt piece & use it as a pattern to cut a strip from one of the felt liner pieces.Next, reposition the felt as it was before cutting & sew a 1/2″ seam around the perimeter. Trim the excess.To sew the outer cover, re-button the pieces together, place right sides together, & sew 1/2″ seam around. Unbutton to flip it inside out & press with an iron.To finish, simply slip the inner felt liner into the outer cover!The pocket on the front is perfect for holding a pen & paper to jot down a few of your favorite sites to visit!Hope this helps you with your Christmas list!I’ll be sharing with a few of these fine folks. Check them out for more inspiration!