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Ballard Designs’ Piedmont Lanterns –in Gold!

If I had a dollar for every thing in this house I’ve spray-painted gold, well– I’d have a lot of dollars! But this latest victim isdefinitely one of my favorites. I’ve been searching and pinning and searching some more for awhile now for just the right gold lanterns to hang over our kitchen island, and…

British Royalty Pillow Tutorial {Another Ballard Knock-off}

So, it’s Royal Wedding Week & I’m wishing I could be in London taking in all that Royal excitement. I’ve always been a little fascinated by Britain & the Royals, and when Dave & I took our first trip to London last Spring, my fascination only intensified. I can’t wait to go back someday, but…

Refinisher’s Reluctance & My French Headboard Makeover

This little beauty has been sitting in my garage all Winter, waiting patiently for her turn to be beautiful again. As soon as I spotted her that day in the thrift store, I knew she would be hard to part with. And now that she’s had a makeover, it’s true…I hate to see her go….

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