That’s pretty much what I said to myself this morning when I looked in the mirror & saw the mother of a high-schooler staring back at me.

And as we took our annual Back-to-School photo, loaded everyone up, & drove to school, I refused to let myself take the detour down “Where Has the Time Gone?” Boulevard.
I will not let my focus drift to trying to find the time that has sped past me while I’ve been making peanut butter sandwiches & doing the laundry.
I will not wallow in the “How did this happen so fast?”.
I am the mom. This is who I grew up to be.
It’s not my job to try to keep them little. It’s my job to make sure they grow up.
So I will wash the dirty socks (however repugnant they may be) while I correct the attitudes that are sometimes just as smelly.
And I will burn up tanks of gas driving kids all over town for all kinds of activities, but I’ll also be driving home the principles of what it means to be a real Christian.
And I will scream at the top of my lungs from the stands, but will also show them how to know when it’s best to keep your mouth shut.
I’ll do all these things for all my kids with the time God gives me to do it.
I will Mom-up and not focus on the time flying by, but on what I do with that time instead.

Now, all I need is someone to remind me that I said all this next year at this time when I drop off my baby at Kindergarten. Volunteers?