Please tell me you are loving owls these days as much as I am. Call me crazy, but I predict that owls are going to be the official bird icon of the fall season. That’s just my keen sense for cutting edge design talking. And the fact that I’ve been seeing them everywhere.
So, it was only fitting to make a few little owl hair clips for back-to-school week. This wasn’t an original idea with me. These were inspired by some owl hair clips the girls saw recently when we were shopping, so we tried some for ourselves & had a little fun, too.

If you know some little girls who’d like these, here’s what to do:

Start by cutting a little owl body approximately 2 1/2″ high out of some stiff felt (or cut 2 of these out of softer felt & glue them together with hot glue).

Then, cut some circles for eyes out of black & white felt, a small triangle for a beak, & two leaf shapes for wings. Stitch around the wings with a couple of strands of embroidery floss in a contrasting color for some added detail.

Then carefully hot glue the pieces in place & use some brown embroidery thread to stitch around the ears.

Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon & hot glue it around the top half of a pinch hair clip.

Then, just glue it onto the back of the owl!
These are so quick & easy, you can make a bunch of them…

Then share them with your cousins for a Back-to-School surprise…

This isn’t the last we’ve seen of owls! I’ve got a few more ideas I’m using them for this fall, & when I do, “Owl” tell you all about it! {haha}

I’m linking these owls to a few of these sites. Check them out!