So, y’all really seemed to like Lola’s awning window treatment I showed you last week, judging from the number of times I’ve seen it popping up around bloglandandPinterest, and I’m so glad you liked it! Those of you who decide to make one for yourself–be sure to send me a pic! I’d love to see your version. I’m ready to do another one in my house somewhere, but I’m still thinking about it…I’ll keep you posted.

But, for now, I just finished my last big project that was on my list for Lola’s room. And as always, I just had to tell you about it.

It started with this Goodwill coffee table I picked up several months ago for $8. It was definitely in rough shape, but the detail on the front sold me right away.

When I bought it, I thought it would be a great bench for the guest room, (kinda like this one I made for the craft room) but then I pictured it with that black and white striped fabric I used for the window and suddenly, I heard it speaking French, so it went to Lola.

First, I turned to my good friend Krylon and gave the table a few coats of black satin.

After painting, I created the top of the bench by cutting a piece of my favorite particle board (sold at HG and Lowes as Eucaboard) to the the size needed. FYI–when covering a board with foam, I like to cut the board a little smaller than the foam so the foam wraps around well and there are no sharp edges poking through the fabric later. (**UPDATE: Because so many of you have asked where to find the foam–I have found this source for you for a great price. It’s a large enough piece that you should be able to cut to the size you need.)

After that, I just stretched and stapled. This takes a little adjusting, especially when using striped fabric, to keep the lines straight.

Then, I just trimmed the excess fabric and screwed the top onto the coffee table from the bottom.

I’m loving it in this room.

And just a few more…

As usual, getting this done gave me another idea. So, tune in for that sometime soon.

Meanwhile, you can check out more of Lola’s room here. And then check out some of these parties I’m linking this to.

Au revoir for now, y’all!