If you’ve been around here long, you know I love a good chalkboard. And I’m not afraid to use them in all sorts of ways. But, I’ve also become a fan of what I call “Glassboards” in recent months and I think you’ll like them, too.You may have seen my Blessings Board I made last fall, which was my original glassboard, or this red one I used in February. And last week, Abby & Lily worked on their own versions for their rooms…You can write on these boards with dry erase markers or chalk paint markers. And the design possibilities are endless.The basic idea is to use a frame with its glass, and either remove the back altogether, leaving it clear, or replace it with a decorative back.For our recent ones, we made a trip to one of our favorite thrift stores & picked out a couple of frames in the sizes we wanted. Then, I removed the glass & backing for them (Don’t forget to always use gloves when handling glass because the edges are very sharp!).Next, they painted the frames with their chosen colors of craft paint…Then, they each made little buntings to decorate them. Abby made hers from scrapbook paper, and Lily made hers from canvas stamped with my favorite mini alphabet stamps…To finish, we covered the original frame backing of Lily’s with fabric & replaced it, letting the little bunting hang in the front.And for Abby’s, I replaced the glass by carefully stapling along the sides to keep it secure. I also added a saw tooth hanger and a few dots of hot glue to hold the bunting in place.Then, we hung them…Lily’s in her closet & Abby’s in her room. I think they did a great job. What do you think? And they had a little fun doing it, too.Does this give you ideas for how you could use one somewhere? I’d love to see it!I’ll be sharing this post with some of these crafty people. Stop over & say Hi!