As much as I love Martha, I must admit it kinda gets on my nerves when she insists on pronouncing that “H” sound when she says the word “herbs”. Is anyone with me on this? I mean, here in The South pretty much everyone I know keeps that “H” silent so as not to confuse anyone into thinking you’re referring to Herb, that old man down the street in the plaid shorts. Anyway, however you pronounce it, I hope you all got inspired to go buy some herbs since my post the other day about my herbs & markers. As promised, I’m going to share a few great recipes using fresh herbs that I’ve tried out in the last couple of weeks & I think you’re going to love them.1. Lemon Herb Green Beans. If you’ve never fallen in love with a green bean before, you will now. I used this recipe, but substituted the dried herbs for my fresh ones. It’s like Green Bean Heaven, and, yes, I tend to get dramatic over my herbs. {Helpful Hint: when using fresh herbs in place of dried ones in a recipe, use approximately 3 times the amount of fresh versus dried, as dry herbs are more intense in flavor & require a smaller amount.}2. Rosemary Rice. This is another delish dish. Find the recipe here. I didn’t have chicken broth on hand at the time because I made this as a last-minute side dish one night, so I substituted with water & it was still very flavorful & yummy. {image}3. Grilled Herb Burgers. Again–superb! Recipe here. Incidentally, these go great with #2. I changed the recipe just a little by omitting the chives (because I didn’t have any) & the egg (because I have issues with eggs & have to be in the mood to use them–but, that’s another post). Even without those 2 things, they were YUM! We ate them without a bun for a little healthier option.{image}4. Herb Water. Okay, this one I haven’t tried yet, but I will very soon. It comes from my blogger-friend Sandy, The Reluctant Entertainer. (And by blogger-friend I mean I read her posts all the time, & although she really doesn’t know me & is a very busy woman, she finds time to respond to my questions because she’s just nice like that.) Click here to read all about her fresh Mint Water. Then, while you’re there you should read up on her Summer Entertaining series she has been doing this month. Once again, she is right on target when it comes to addressing our issues & insecurities about entertaining. When will we ever learn to be hospitable & just have fun? Click on the button to read up.30 days of Summer EntertainingDo you have any favorite ways to use your herbs? I want to hear about them! Leave a comment & share it with us all. And I’ll be sharing mine with some of these sites.Blog Polls