I am loving summer so far, as I’m sure you all probably are, but the projects on my ever-growing To-Do list are getting marked off just a little slower these days. I’m squeezing in the sewing & painting in between day trips, games with the kids, & trips to the pool. Which is, of course, just how it should be.And even though it took a little longer than it normally would have, this week, I marked off a project I’ve been needing to do for a long time: Lola’s curtains! She’s the last member of the fam to get window treatments, but honestly, I’m sure she never even noticed. And this is the fabric that existed in my head months before it was actually available online:{LOVE!!} You can find it here.

I made these panels using the same basic principle as the ones I made here for the library, except I added a single pinch pleat & some shabby ruffles.

You may have also noticed I went bold & mixed patterns, but I felt the room could handle it & I’m frankly thrilled with how it turned out. This room is a Whimsical Parisian theme and the bedding is called “Fifi” by Nicole Miller. Unfortunately, the set is discontinued now, but it does turn up on eBay sometimes.

As you can see, the pattern has scenes of Paris & many different colors, so I just chose to go with the mustard-ish yellow and add a little black & white on the ruffles.

I also wanted to add a touch of the raspberry color that’s in the bedding & on the shades of the chandelier, so I painted the curtain rings the exact shade I wanted & it was just enough!

Here’s a little more of her room to give you a better idea of the space…

I’ve got 2 more projects coming up soon in this room & one of them involves this space:

So, stay tuned! Whenever I have time in between all our summer fun, I’ll get some work done & tell you all about it.

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