Once upon a time, I would make this Strawberry Lemonade whenever I had friends over during the summertime and they would all be so impressed at how yummy it was & how I must have slaved over squeezing out all those lemons & slicing up all those strawberries. And then one time I let the secret out that it really wasn’t as hard to make as they might have thought and that you don’t quite have to grow your own lemons & then squeeze the life out each of them by hand while slicing up your home-grown organic strawberries with the other. And since the secret was out anyway, I figured, why not share it with the world? So here it is, world: Julie’s {Not-So}Freshly Squeezed Strawberry LemonadeHere are the 3 not-so-secret ingredients:And here’s what to do:Take 2 cans of frozen lemonade, slightly thawed (Here’s where the squeezing comes in–you may have to give those cans a little squeeze to get all the lemonade out.) & mix according to directions to make a gallon. Once it’s all mixed up, add a 10 oz. container of frozen sliced strawberries in syrup, slightly thawed. And then stir it well again just before serving!Make this for your next cook-out or summer party and when your friends start to ask how long it took you to squeeze all those lemons, just smile! I’m sharing my secret with a few of these thirsty people & Centsational Girl’s Outdoor Ideas Party.