It’s one thing to go out thrifting or yard sale-ing & find some crazy fun piece you didn’t know you wanted & bring it home for a good makeover. Fun. But when you come upon that piece that you’ve had in your mind & been hoping & searching for, it’s downright exciting. That’s what happened with this piece. It’s my new buffet for the dining room that I knew was out there somewhere, waiting for the day I’d find it & give it a new life. LOVE it:Yes, I have makeover plans, which I will share later when it’s all done, but my husband & I have been doing a little prep work that I thought I’d share with you.When I found this piece, the lady I bought it from pointed out that it had a little bubble on the top, most likely due to water damage. This isn’t the only imperfection this piece has, but it is the most noticeable.Personally, I could’ve left it as it was & lived happily ever after. I’m to the point now where I think every piece needs a little imperfection. But, my husband wouldn’t rest until he had tried his hand at fixing the “bubble”.His solution was to buy a cattle syringe at our local farmer’s co-op & use it to fill the bubble with Gorilla Glue.We turned the buffet on its back & carefully lifting the edge of the veneer, inserted the glue. Then, we pressed it down really well to spread the glue & found the heaviest thing we had lying around (which happened to be a boat battery), & placed it on top of a flat board over the bubble to keep it compressed. We left it on for about 24 hrs…& Tada! It’s a little better. Not perfect, but better. I want to leave it in its perfectly imperfect state. We’ll see if I can convince my husband! Stay tuned for the makeover.Sharing this over at Miss Mustard Seed’s!