Last week, on my Instagram, I shared a few shots of my latest painting project.  It’s a small pedestal table I’ve had for years, but haven’t used in a while.  I had the table, along with my big birdcage, in my storage room, and decided to bring them both out for Spring! But the table needed a little brightening up, so I decided to give it a makeover!



Before I share all the steps, here’s how it turned out!  It seems like an entirely new piece to me, and I love it!



Here’s what I did:  First- I mixed up a batch of the DIY chalk paint recipe I first shared a few months ago.  (Click here to see the recipe and easy how-to.)  The color I chose this time was SW Dorian Gray.


I decided, for this piece, I wanted to just paint the pedestal and leave the top unpainted for added interest and because I didn’t want to mess up the beaded edge of the top.




It just took a couple coats to get a nice coverage of paint on the pedestal.  However, because of the detail work on the piece, I wanted to glaze it a little for more definition.


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To glaze a piece, I use the tiniest bit of dark stain mixed with a clear mixing glaze.  I found this carton at Lowes years ago, but you can also buy it online here.  It takes only about a teaspoon of stain mixed with about 1/4 cup of the glaze medium for a piece about this size.




I use a plastic disposable cup or jar and an old paintbrush so I can just throw it all away afterward.





I apply it liberally with the brush, then simply wipe it off with a soft cloth, giving it the aged look I want.






To finish, I like to use this Minwax Paste Finishing Wax or Johnson’s Paste Wax.  It just gets applied with a clean, soft cloth, then buffed about 15 minutes later.  So easy!



And I’m so happy with how it turned out!  Hope you like it, too!


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