Okay, so it’s not actually world-famous, but it’s famous with us. My dad has been making his yummy onion dip for years. He got the recipe from Mamaw and I don’t know how far back it goes before her. But wherever it first came from, it’s ours now. And it’s so good, I’m sharing it with you, too.

My dad and Abby

The best thing about this dip is that it’s super-easy to make–seeing as how this is my dad’s recipe and he is not exactly known for being a chef. In fact, besides this dip, the only other dish he’s been known to make is a grilled cheese sandwich. So, be assured that even the most amateur chefs can impress with this recipe.

Here’s all you need:

A large container of cottage cheese (32 oz.)

An 8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened

And (here’s where the family is split):

For my dad’s original version, he uses 2 or 3 slices of onion, finely chopped,

but my brother and I prefer the onion flake or onion powder version, and I use 3 Tbsp of either of those.

So, to make the dip, just blend all 3 ingredients in a bowl. My dad always uses a hand mixer and just keeps blending until it’s creamy and smooth. I like to use my Cuisinart Smart Stick and it gets the mixture creamy in no time.

That’s it, y’all! You can add as little or as much of the onion as you’d like to your preference.

Serve this at your Super Bowl party and your friends will love it. Or just serve it to the family with a nice grilled cheese. Maybe I can get my dad to share his secret recipe for that, too. Enjoy!