This is the story of a Plan B Project. You know those types, right? You get a great idea, then somewhere in the process you realize that your plan’s just not coming together, so you take a deep breath, pull out Plan B and try again. And occasionally, you meet a really tough challengeandyou may even have to invent a Plan C. Every nowand then these things happen when you’re a Domestic Artist, right? And then we have blogs so we can tell our fellow Domestic Artists how to avoid the headaches of Plan Aandgo straight to Plan B.

Such was the case for Lily’s Magnetic Chalkboard. In my mind I had a picture of the perfect sizeandstyle of frame I wanted for a chalkboard for Lily’s room. And after several weeks, my patience was rewarded when I found this mirror at an estate sale near my house one Saturday. I knew the frame would look great in white with just a hint of distress.

Plan A was to use my usual particle board that I always use for chalkboardsandspray it with Krylon’s Magnetic Spray Paint, then top it with Krylon’s Chalkboard Spray Paint. {LOVE this chalkboard spray! Find a good deal on it here.}

Here’s where I tell you what Krylon fails to mention on their can: the chalkboard paint cancels out the magnetization of the magnetic paint, so you cannot use these 2 together. I know. Why didn’t they say so? In fact, just FYI: when I talked to Krylon on the phone, they also told me the magnetic paint takes up to 5 days to actually become magnetic. Ahhemmm. Another detail you won’t find on the can. And just so you know–I did try it after the 5 days and still there was no magnetization. SO- my personal recommendation is to save your money and skip the magnetic paint. Maybe there are some success stories out there somewhere, but not here. I will add, though, that Krylon was very accommodating on the phone and they have promised to honor their satisfaction guarantee, so if I can find my receipt, I’ll be in luck.

So, that is the road that led me to Plan B on this chalkboard. I started over, went to Home Depot, and found a piece of sheet metal near the plumbing supplies for less than $10. Be sure you don’t look for this in the sheet metal section. Those cost more for what seem to be the same thing. The one you want for a project like this is the one that looks like this:

Remember, this is only a 24″X36″, so be sure it’s not too small for the frame you want to use it for. This metal is easy to cut to size with a pair of tin snips and BE SURE you use gloves when handling this type of metal because it will easily cut you.

After it’s cut, just sand it a little to help it accept the paint, wipe it clean, and coat it with several coats of the Krylon Chalkboard spray (this stuff I do love). Then use a thin piece of board as a backer to stabilize the sheet metal when you place it into the frame.

For Lily’s board, I made a few jeweled magnets out of some old brooches I had.

I used a pair of pliers to remove the pin mechanism and clasp, then glued on the magnets with E-6000.

That was it. Now my little artist has a chalkboard hanging above her desk, looking like it was meant to be.

Now, Lily’s happy, I’m happy, and hopefully you’ll be happy, knowing you can save yourself the trouble of Plan A and just go with Plan B. And we’ll all live happily ever after.

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