I’m a little excited about my new window treatments in the breakfast room & just had to share some pics with you. This could, technically, fit into my new More Bliss for Your Buck series because the deal I got was amazing! But I’ll get to that.To refresh your memory, here’s how the breakfast room looked sans the curtains:And here it is after:I love the difference! They really soften up the room. And I’m not sure how, but it actually makes the room seem bigger. This project was actually not on the very top of my list because there are still so many things in this house that need to be decorated, but I found the panels for such a great deal when I went to Ikea last week-end, I couldn’t pass them up.These are the Ritva panels, shown here on the Ikea website. They were a steal at $19.99 for a PAIR of 98″ panels!Compare that to the $49.99 PER panel price for Pottery Barn’s 96″ Casual Cotton Drape that I’ve had my eye on pictured here:I can barely handle the 80% price difference. And the curtain rods are also from Ikea, (click here to see them). The rods with finials were only $9.99 each. These babies will extend to 151″! Have you even heard of such? And the rings were only $2.99 for a pack of 10. You won’t find that anywhere else that I’ve been, either.So, the total for treatments & hardware for this entire room was right at $100. I love it.But, the sad part of this story is this: you really must visit an Ikea store to get these things. They aren’t available online. I think they just put these things on here to torture those if us who don’t live anywhere near an Ikea. Visit their website here to see all the locations where the lucky people live who get to shop there regularly. Then, I suggest you start scheming now of a way to take a “detour” on your next family road trip & just “happen” to end up at one of these amazing stores. Oh, and you’ll need to allow at least 2 and a half hours to be able to get the full Ikea experience. Don’t worry, your husband will thank you after he sees how much money you save.You’ll love it, I tell you. The cheapness will overwhelm you. Meanwhile, tune in this week for more curtain fun in another room in my house!Thanks for stopping by.