If you’ve noticed a trend in my posts lately pertaining to window treatments, it’s because I’ve been kinda on a roll & I just have to go with it when the mood strikes or it may end up being another year before I get these windows covered! After I saw how much I loved my breakfast room panels, and conquered the dreaded 5 panels I recently did in the living room, the library window looked like a breeze, so I made it my next project.The hardest part about this one was choosing the fabric. I actually do have a vision for the room, despite the fact that there are still stacks of boxes of books in one corner. Those are gonna have to go soon or I might just make them into some kind of furniture. Right now, the only furniture in there is the desk I showed you here, our navy leather recliner we’ve had for years (& still love), a small table my mom didn’t want any more, and my little pedestal table I showed you here.Here’s an overview of the room with the currently-naked window. The wall color is a Sherwin-Williams color match to Benjamin Moore’s Liberty Park. The book shelves are coming—still in the planning stages at this point, but they will be a dark stain, spanning the length of the far wall.My vision for the room is mainly “travel”, but keeping with a rich-wood-library type of feel. I know. It’s got a long way to go. And it could still go a hundred different directions from there. Here are a few of the accessories I’ve collected so far:A metallic silver trunk:A black leather desk-top telescope…And an old-world globe:After shopping around for months for fabric for the drapes, I narrowed it down to 2 swatches. And they’re totally opposite of one another.So, I thought it’d be fun to show you both of them & see which you like best.

First, the silk plaid:

I know it’s nearly impossible to choose a fabric from a picture, but it’s gold, green, & a hint of teal with a red thread stripe going thru it. Very traditional English library-esque.

And secondly, there’s the indigo & ivory pattern. (I told you they were different!) This one looks a little like a damask at first glance, but it’s actually more of a floral British Colonial feel. So, I’d love to hear your opinion. Which one do you like best & which one would you have chosen if you were me–or would you have searched for something totally different? Don’t worry– if you hate them, that’s fine. I can take it!I actually already chose one & made the panels today. But, I’d still love to know your opinion!Leave a comment with your choice & then stop by again soon to see which one made the cut (no pun intended).