I have a thing for front doors. In fact, for me they have the ability to make or break a house. The right color on a door can stop traffic. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but a door in a fabulous color can look great even without a wreath. This is just my humble opinion, of course.

But, when my husband and I went to Europe back in May, I fell in love with the fantastic doors. I know we have great doors in the U.S., too, but there were so many of them, street after street, in Paris and London. I snapped pictures leftandright of the ones I liked the best, knowing that by the time I made it home, I’d figure out a great way to use them. And I think I did.

My plan was to make a collage of my great door photos on this big wall in my entry way.

Because of the height of the ceiling, the wall needed some art that could compete without looking tiny, so this is what I did:

For the past few months since our trip, I’ve been patiently collecting 5×7 frames, scouring the clearance aisles until I finally had the 15 frames I needed for my big idea.

So, I took my collection of random frames, removed the glass out of the ones that had removable glass,andgave them a good spray-over with my favorite metallic gold. (I love this stuff!)

Next, I narrowed down which 15 door photos I would use. This was the hard part, since I had taken about 40 different door pics. Then, we printed them on a big sheet of roll canvas. (Yes, I can do this for you in my shop, too! Contact me for pricing.)

Next, I cut out each pictureandused this spray adhesive to adhere each door over the face of the original glass from each frame. I smoothed them down carefully, then placed the pictures into the correct frame.

After they were all done, I laid the frames out on the floor to determine how I wanted to hang them. Then, I took this picture of the formationandused it as a guide to hang them up.

After they were hung, I had a “Hmmm…What if?” Momentanddecided to add a couple of skeleton keys in the mix as well.

And now, I have art in my entry way. And I have these little pieces of ParisandLondon here at home with me to help me remember…until I go back again.

I’m sharing my new entry way art with some of these crafters!

Thrifty Decor Chick