At our house, the first thing to signal the change of the season is the changing of the wreath on the front door. I’m not one to change my wreath for just any occasion. I find one I like & stick with it for a while. This green wreath has been faithfully hanging since January & it has served us well for all the spring & summer months, but Fall deserves its own wreath, or in this case, a swag. I’ve done a lot of wreaths in my time, but this was actually my first swag. And I wish I could come up with a better name than, because the word “swag” kinda bugs me. I know I’m weird. Let me know if one of you creative minds has a better word for this.Anyway, on to the tutorial. I started with a hunt for sticks in my backyard. Lola helped me pick out some good ones, then she helped me brush the dirt off of them. It’s so handy having a mini assistant. Except when she gets sidetracked & decides to try out the water hose. No, I didn’t take pictures of that part.So, after cleaning the sticks off, I used some twine to bundle them together, making sure the sticks are tied together tightly and not able to slip out. (I made 2 of these swags, so that’s why you’ll see double in some of the pictures).Next, I decided to lightly spray the bundles with a little metallic spray paint to add just a little glitz. Yes, this is indoor paint, but for this purpose it’s not gonna matter.Then, I made a loop hanger for the back by taking a wire clothes hanger, then cutting & bending & twisting it. I hang my wreaths (or swags) with a ribbon (I’ll explain this later), so I wanted a pretty large loop. I then used some more twine to secure the hanger tightly onto one of the sticks on the back of the swag. If you do this project, here’s where you need to hold up the bundle by the hanger & give it a few good shakes to make sure it’s all holding together well.Next, I took some various grasses & autumn stems I had found at Hobby Lobby & started layering them with the stick bundles. I actually didn’t even need everything I bought, so the project cost even less than I had planned. I love it when that happens!So, I used half a bundle of the “wheat” & spread it out to become the back layer of the swag. Next came my bundle of sticks. Then I used wire cutters to cut the stems off of this grass bush, and used half of the stems to create a mini swag. Do this by connecting them end to end, with 3 stems pointing up & 3 stems pointing down. I secured them by wrapping floral wire several times around. This became the next layer over the sticks. Lastly, I added a stem of orange something-or-other to add a little color. Then, I just used some more twine to tie it all together tightly. The last step was to add a bow in this great zebra ribbon, also from Hobby Lobby. To hang them up, I took a ribbon, threaded it through the hanger on the back & then used a staple gun to staple it into the top of the door. (Obviously, this only works for wood doors.)Here’s a little view of the back from inside the house:And, now, here they hang on the front doors. Welcome, Fall!Sharing this with some of these parties. Check them out!Visit