Sorry I’ve been out of touch for the past several days. I’ve actually been in another world. We took a little family vacation to one of our favorite places & had a seriously magical time.We literally did not open the laptop the entire trip & just left our normal life behind for a few days & had some great quality time together. Rode a few rides…Saw a few characters…Suffered a little humorous humiliation…Ate some great food…Got a little crazy…And loved every minute of it. I even got a few more doors to add to my Wall of Doors (Ok, not really, but I thought I’d share a few for those of you who like my others):One day maybe I’ll give my shpeel about how much I love Disney & why I think every family needs to go at least once. But not today. I’m tired & not quite back in touch with reality yet. And I’ve got a mountain of laundry the size of Everest. Very soon I’ll catch up on some of your questions & emails & get back in the groove. See ya real soon!