My family & I just returned from a few fun days in Washington D.C., one of our favorite vacation cities. Of course one of the highlights was a visit to the National Museum of American History, where I came across the above quote in an exhibit showing a household in the 1800’s. I just had to share it with you all. Especially because it so pertains to a project I recently completed.

Remember the green chair I found at the thrift store? Well, I found this little ottoman there the same day. And once again, my girls begged me not to bring it home. (They really have no faith in me!)

It was the perfect size for the chair. And it was cheap. I knew right away it would be the perfect candidate for a slipcover. In zebra.Some of you very observant readers already noted that I have a zebra ottoman in my closet. And truth be told, I had tried to put that in my family room when I first got it, but it was too large & didn’t go with my previous chair. So, I put it to good use in my closet. And when I found this, I decided to try again. If you think one zebra ottoman is fun, try having two!So, here are the basics for slip-covering an ottoman. Measure the ottoman to determine the amount of fabric you will need. This one was approximately 22″x 17″x 10″ & I used approximately 1-1/4 yards. Once you have your fabric, cut pieces of fabric for the top & sides, adding an extra half-inch all around to allow for a seam. I chose to add a skirt to mine (which I will explain later), so I only covered half-way down on the sides.Next, with the wrong side of the fabric facing out, fit the pieces onto the ottoman, using pins to hold the pieces in place. When you are happy with the fit, sew the pieces together where you have pinned.

Then, turn the cover right-side-out & try it on the ottoman, making adjustments if necessary.

If you want only a straight cover, without a skirt, all you need to do from here is hem the bottom edge & you’re done.

If you do want a skirt, make the flaps by determining the length you need the skirt to be & doubling it, once again allowing an extra half-inch around for seam. For example, if you need a skirt flap that is to be 22″ wide by 4″ long, cut the fabric 23″ x 9″ long. Then, fold the skirt flap in half longways & sew the sides up. Then, turn right-side out & press. You will also need a corner flap to cover each corner where the skirt flaps will meet.

Once all the flaps are sewn, simply pin & sew to the bottom edge of your slipcover, adding a trim if you want. And that’s pretty much it! I also used a little black spray paint to paint the feet on mine. The whole project was just over $20. It makes just the statement I was hoping for with my new “old” chair. And it was just the touch of personality I needed for the family room. If you’re wondering why there are no curtains, you must be new here. Click here to read about that.