You should feel sorry for my husband. Let me explain why. He’s super-generous & loves to surprise me with presents on every special occasion. He has never forgotten my birthday, Valentine’s Day, or our anniversary. He goes overboard every time. But, he learned a long time ago to always keep the receipt. Because here’s the downside: I’m a habitual gift-returner. Not with everyone. Just mainly with him. Because I know he knows me and he doesn’t get offended if I decide to exchange something. He knows by now that sometimes it’s just easier for us both if he lets me pick things out. So, when I recently had my birthday, he took me shopping & let me pick out a chair for the family room. Within a few minutes, I found a gorgeous robin-egg blue leather club chair. I was pretty sure I loved it, but, because I’m commitment-phobic & I like to “date” my stuff (you can read about that here), I made sure there was a return policy. We got it home & put it in its place & left it for a few days. I wish I had taken a better picture of it, but here it is, without the feet, in our house.

I was a little if-y about the blue chair against the yellow wall, but each day I convinced myself a little more that it could work & it began to grow on me. And right about the time I decided I would take the plunge & make our relationship serious, I walked into one of my favorite thrift stores & saw this:

It was gorgeous. The perfect green with the perfect details. And it was immaculate. I didn’t have to think about it. It was meant for my space.It has personality…It has character…It has an awesome shimmery fabric…And it has a great variation of a quatrefoil pattern on the sides…That closely resembles this mirror from Ballard that I love:This chair’s just happy here.So, my husband, God-Love-Him, lugged the blue chair back to the store and never complained once. Because he knows that’s just me. And I’ll do this again. And that’s why you should feel sorry for him. But not too much. Because this time I actually saved him a ton of money. I’m sharing this find at a few of these parties. Check them out!