Remember when I showed you this cute little (emphasis on little) shop in the fabric district in Paris? Well, I fell in love with 2 gorgeous silk damask fabrics from this place. See that blue one that my friend is cutting back there? Yes, he’s cutting it right there on top of all the other bolts. There was barely enough room for a pair of scissors in there, much less a cutting table. I came home with 1 meter of the blue & 1 meter of the raspberry-colored one right beside where I’m standing.

PhotobucketAnd they’re both gorgeous…PhotobucketI must be honest, I had planned to use the blue for the pillows for my new french sofa (by the way, if you missed the big reveal, click here.), but once I saw the pink…well, how many times in your life can you pull off pink pillows on your sofa? And the girls in this house outnumber the boys 2 to 1. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Don’t worry, I have big plans for the blue as well. You knew I would.

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