I thought I’d give you a little break from the Paris vacation photos in order to bring you the big news that my French Sofa is now made-over & has found its perfect home in my Piano Room. And I just have one question for you: did you ever meet a sofa that made you want to cry? I can’t express how much this sofa & I were M.F.E.O. (made for each other).To read the fantastic story of how we met, click here. And just to refresh your memory, here is how I found her:And here she is today.She came back from the upholsterer the day we left for Paris. The upholsterer did a fabulous job with everything–including all 74 tufted buttons. If you remember, I had painted her before she left in a shade of white called Possibility. Well, Possibility turned out to be not one. At least not by itself. It needed more. So, when I got home, I went to work, painting again. This time, I used Sherwin Williams’ Earl Grey. I literally used my smallest artist’s brush to paint a gray wash over the white. Then, because I loved that so much, I rubbed on the tiniest hint of black here & there. Then I sanded again, taking some areas back down to the stain. And because I just couldn’t seem to stop myself, I went wild & broke out my metallic silver spray paint, sprayed it into a cup, dipped in my brush, & highlighted a few areas with that. And that is how I achieved the exact. look. I wanted. Tune in soon to see how I incorporated my favorite souvenir from Paris!I’ll be linking to some of these parties. Check them out!Visit thecsiproject.com