The more I’ve wandered thru blogland in recent months, the more crazy I’ve become about thrift stores. It’s my new favorite form of shopping. I love the anticipation of what might be waiting for me that I’ve been searching for my whole life–although most of the time I don’t realize I’ve been searching for it until I actually see it, but that’s beside the point.The funny thing about this thrift-store-find-redo craze is that we’re all looking at the world with our “How Can I Re-make This?” Glasses. But when was the last time you bought a thrift store item & left it just as it was?A few weeks ago, I found something I really had been wanting for a long time: a Federalist Mirror. You know the ones with a round convex mirror & an eagle on the top? Well, I came across one in an antique market, buried on a bottom shelf under a bunch of other stuff. And I love it! And it was only $10, which was even better. I had picked a perfect place to hang this & planned to re-paint it, & then add some more gold accents. But, I happened to show it to Denise & she convinced me to leave it as it was. And once I decided that, I even changed my mind on where to hang it & did something crazy & hung it underneath my mantle right on the stone fireplace. Here’s how it ended up:And now I’m one small step closer to getting this family room decorated. And I realized in the process that sometimes it’s better to just “leave well enough alone”…Which brings me to the subject of my Vintage Chest Redo that some of you weighed in on. I’ve decided, for now that it’s staying as-is. I’m leaving the door open to inspiration in the future, but for now, it’s staying basic black. Thanks so much for your great ideas!Today I’m linking to: Blue Cricket Design &