My sister and I have 6 girls between the two of us. They range in age from 11 years old down to almost 2 years old. And though it’s not often enough, they love to be together. Needless to say, when we all do get together, there’s a lot of excitement. Squeals of laughter and contagious giggling fill the house. Throw in a little a little drama, a little whining, and a few shared secrets, and you have what little girls are really made of.

Moments like these are what inspired us to create in our house The Secret Room. Even before we had decided on a house plan, our kids dreamt of a hidden door that led to a secret room. When we had found the plan we loved, we discovered the perfect place for such a room right in between two of the girls’ rooms. See this built-in bookcase?

It’s really a doorway. To a room full of fun. Perfect for hiding out & reading a good book, having a slumber party with a group of your closest friends, or using as a great passageway to sneak into your sister’s room in the middle of the night.

And it’s also just right for a sleepover with your cousin. Where you can stay up late & share a few secrets.

I guess now that I’ve shown this to the world it isn’t such a secret anymore. But that’s okay. Some secrets are just meant to be shared.

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