Meet Lola. My 3-year-old assistant. She’s by my side for almost every project I do. She doesn’t hold back the compliments when I come up with an idea she likes, and she doesn’t mind telling me about the things she doesn’t like, either. When she’s not helping me, she spends her days sculpting Play-Doh, playing Memory, watching Max & Ruby, eating peanut-butter & jelly sandwiches, hanging out with her brother & sisters, and whatever else that pops into her head. She has a super-colorful personality & would wear her cherry boots every day if I’d let her. And she loves Hobby Lobby almost as much as I do. Yes, I’m training her right.Today, she is my Guest Blogger. She’ll be showing you how to create a Spring Apothecary Jar Filler. (One more thing about Lola: she’s a talker. This might take a while.) Hi, everyone! I know many of you have those big glass jars that you can put stuff in. I like it best when my mom puts candy or cookies in ours, but she said we need to put some Spring things in there for now. The first thing you need to make this Spring jar is in the backyard. If you read my mom’s blog a lot, you know she likes to make a lot of things with sticks. You need to find a few sticks that look like they will fit into your jar.

I like these. My mom said these are a little too big, but we can probably break a piece off.

Next, you go inside & get the other things you need. Here is our glass jar. My mom usually doesn’t let me touch it because it’s breakable, but she said it’d be fine for now.

You also need this bird nest grass and some birds.

My mom said these birds are fake. They’re not real.

Now you pull out some of this grass.

Then you bunch it together to make a nest!

Put your thumbs in the middle to make it look like a real nest.

Then, carefully put it in the bottom of your jar.

Next, put in your sticks.

Then, you can put your birds on the sticks!

They like it in there!

That’s all you have to do! Me & my mom put ours here on this table. Aren’t they cute?

They’re looking at me. I think they like me.

Thanks for stopping by for Lola’s guest post today. She’s a great craft partner. And she might possibly be my biggest fan. And that’s great because I’m hers, too.DIY Day @ ASPTLShow and Tell GreenMake it Yours @ My Backyard EdenPhotobucketWe Are That Family