Today was a beautiful day at my house. Not because it felt like Spring, because it didn’t. It’s still freezing here. It was beautiful today because my Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail. And tonight I’ll eat some chocolate, sit in my favorite spot, stare at its pages & get a good dose of inspiration. Just the same way I do with my Ballard Designs catalogs. This is my version of a cheap thrill. This clock project I did is a result of this new age of inspiration. And for those of you out there like me, I wonder if you can guess which of the following clocks is from Ballard, & which is the one I made-over: A. B.Can’t tell? Okay. I admit it! They’re both from Ballard. And they also cost between $129 & &159. Plus shipping. That’s why I like mine. This is the real one I made over.

And the most beautiful thing about this one is that it only cost me $12.99 at Ross. With a little 99-cent craft paint, I now have a red clock. Which is what I really needed in my black & white desk space.

To recap…

Clock: $12.99

Paint: $ .99

Inspiration: Delivered Free to my Mailbox

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