This is who I really am, who God made me to be. The wife to a man who depends on me, & a mother to a son & three daughters who look to me for everything from clean socks to advice on how to deal with the unexpected. I’m here to teach what life is about… How choices can change us forever… How to make the right ones & avoid making the wrong ones… How to be kind when the world isn’t… How to undo being unkind… How to be the bigger person when you’re really the smaller… How to wash the dishes the right way & know when the dishes can wait… How to fold the towels & ice a birthday cake & address a letter to your great-grandmother. How to cherish now so you won’t regret it later.Some days I can be the business woman or the Bible study leader or the party hostess or amateur home decorator, but even then, I’m really the mom. With four children in my rear view mirror. Who are always watching & learning all about life by how I’m living it. I just wanted to remind myself of this.