Don’t tell him it’s actually 11 if you count my 2 latest finds on the front porch, but who’s counting. Yes, it’s been taking me forever to get this house decorated for Christmas, to those of you who’ve been asking. I still don’t even have our stockings hung due to the fact that my husband doesn’t want nail holes in the new mantle. I’ve got a plan, though. They’ll be up before St. Nick gets here.For the most part, I’ve finally found the place where each little Christmas item belongs in this house. And I’ve been really good about not getting too sentimental about our old house being decorated for Christmas for the first time by someone other than me. I can’t help but wonder just a little if it misses us. But anyway, I’ll be joining the Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes next week, which I think is a brilliant concept since we all go to so much trouble to deck our halls, then usually don’t invite enough people over to even see it! This way, we can take a peek at everyone’s Christmas decor while sippin’ hot chocolate on the couch!So, here are my trees, all of which have a story. But I won’t force you to endure all of that. I just thought it’d be fun to share some pics 🙂Our Family Tree-I have almost reached my goal to have no 2 ornaments alike on this tree. I can tell you the story behind each one, from the watermelon to Batman. Got a few hours to spare?The Library Tree, which is really for exterior viewing pleasure only, since the room has no furniture yet.Yes, that is a moving box full of books that we stood the tree on. Is there a problem with that?Kitchen Tree #1

Kitchen Tree #2

My Little Entry Tree

My Son’s Tree

Daughter #1’s

Daughter #2’s

Daughter #3’s,

which she matter-of-factly stated was “weird”.

She’s 3. And opinionated.

Thanks for stopping by my little festival of trees. Maybe next time we’ll do garland! Just kidding. I only have 4 strands.