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Holiday Hacks and Seasonal Scores!

Wow! Does anyone else feel like if you don’t have your house fully decorated by December 1st then you’re late to the party? I do! I remember when it was acceptable to deck the halls a couple weeks after Thanksgiving, but not anymore! My struggle is real this week to get this this place Christmas-ed…

Making Pillows from Table Linens (and where I got Melody’s bedding!)

When I gave the hint on my Facebook page about using a tablecloth in Melody’s Master Bedroom Update, some of you guessed it was for everything from curtains to pillows to a headboard. And any of those could’ve been a great idea! But the correct answer was the pillows! I often shop the table linens…

Master Bedroom DIY Details and Sources

Thank you all so much for the nice comments and messages about my new Master Bedroom. If you missed the reveal yesterday, click here to see all the pics. So many of you share my taste in decorating and DIY that I couldn’t wait to show you! Some of you took some guesses as to…

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