Wow! Does anyone else feel like if you don’t have your house fully decorated by December 1st then you’re late to the party? I do! I remember when it was acceptable to deck the halls a couple weeks after Thanksgiving, but not anymore!

My struggle is real this week to get this this place Christmas-ed out so I can spend the rest of the season celebrating what it’s really about! And in order to do this with as little time and money spent as possible, I’ve got a few hacks to share.

First is this new pillow! This baby was a placemat a few short hours ago, and look at it now!

You’ve probably seen this trick before, but just in case– here’s my quick and easy, ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-sewing version. Grab your placemat (Make sure it’s a double layered one)…

Next, take a seam ripper and separate the bottom edge seam just enough to fit your insert.

Then, stuff in the pillow (I always take one out of a pillow from my stash). And then (here’s the best part), use a little strip of hot glue to close up the opening. So much faster than sewing and it will easily come apart later if you want to switch it out again.

That’s it! These placemats were on sale at Target this week, so I got new pillows for just over $3 each!

In other great deal news, these little cypress-like trees were just what I was wanting for the mantel. Found them at Lowes for just $9.98! The red pot wasn’t in the design plan, though, so rather than buy a new high-end gold pot, I decided to make a wrap with some poster board!

This awesome gold reflective poster board was on sale recently for 50¢ each at Hobby Lobby. So, I just cut a strip to the size of the pot, wrapped it around, and taped it together in back.

Five minutes to glam! Yep, I love it. You’ll see these on my mantel soon!

And since it’s a good time of year for saving money, I decided to skip buying a new fur tree skirt and opt for a fur throw instead! It was about half the price and I can use it to feed my throw addiction after Christmas, too! (Great selection at Marshall’s)

And speaking of tree skirts, you could always do what my mom does and wear it yourself! It’s an annualtradition for her to try it onbefore she puts it on the tree. I keep telling her she needs to wear this to a Christmas party, it’s so cute!

And don’t be surprised when you see this scarf on my dining room table as the perfect table runner! I love it! Plus it coordinates perfectly with Target’s great buffalo-checked seasonal scores!

So, there are a few of my favorite hacks to get you going this season! Tons of Christmas decor coming soon! Can’twait to see some of yours as well!