I love a good pineapple, and not just for eating! They’re fabulous for decorating, too. And since there’s a big pineapple trend going on right now, I had to have a little pineapple pillow to go with my spring and summer decor.

So, I did a little scouting around Hobby Lobby and fell in love with this metallic gold faux leather fringe I found. I thought it would be great for a pineapple, so I gave it a try. I bought some cream-colored twill and a zipper to make the cover. I already had some green craft paint to use for the pineapple top, and some gold piping for a trim.

Following the same steps for my DIY Zippered Pillow Cover I posted about here, I cut the pieces for the pillow first.

Then, I estimated the spot where I wanted the pineapple top to be, and just painted it on and let it dry.

Next, I cut the gold fringe to the sizes I needed to form the layers for the pineapple and laid them out to see how they would fit. (It only took about a half yard offringe.)

Then, starting with the bottom, I sewed each layer on, one at a time, with a slight upward curve to make the fringe flair out a little…

Once all four layers were sewn on, I constructed the pillow cover and it was done!

I’m loving it on my green chair, and it’s a great little addition to the other spring pillows I recently made for the family room.

This pillow is easy enough for even a beginner! My friend, Brooke, already made one from the instructions I gave her, and I love hers, too!

If you decide to make one, I’d love to see yours, too, and feature it on my Instagram or Facebook page!