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I’ve got yet another fun Christmas project for you if you’re looking for a fun DIY, and this one can actually be used in any season!  I had been thinking I’d love to have a bay leaf wreath for the holidays, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to spend the money on a fresh one!  I had pinned this weeks ago to think about because it’s gorgeous!…

But after I had so much fun with my recent holly leaf garland, I decided to try a paper version of a bay leaf wreath and I do love how this turned out!  I used this green construction paper and it’s a great shade of natural green. 

Other than that, all that is needed is a wire wreath frame and a hot glue gun!  I used a 12 inch wreath for this one.

Just like for the garlands, start by cutting the leaves.  I didn’t even use a pattern for this one because the leaf shape is very simple as a long, slim style.  Plus, they look a little more natural if they are not all perfectly sized.  I cut these to approximately 4 inches long. 

I ended up using just about 100 leaves for this size wreath…

The last step before gluing was to just fold the leaves slightly in the middle to give them a little more shape and fullness.

Then, just use a little hot glue on one tip and begin gluing them on, layering them on in the same direction all around.

And that’s it for a basic wreath, friends! At this point you have a great basic wreath to keep as is or embellish to your liking!

I decided to go a step further with this one and add some faux oranges.  I love these particular ones because they look so real.  I found these at Hobby Lobby in the faux fruits.

You could hot glue the embellishments on, but I decided to wire these so I can remove them if I decide to later and not damage the paper leaves.  So, I used some floral wire and poked it through the foam orange and then just loosely wired them on.

Really simple and fun! I’m planning to hang this in a special place for the holidays, so look for it soon when I finally get all the Christmas decor up!  Hope you love it! I’d love to see how you make your own version!