Even though I don’t have a Christmas tree up yet at our house, I’ve been very busy with some Christmas crafting so I’m almost ready to deck the halls!  Most of you know how much I love garlands and how much I love paper crafts, so this latest project was a dream to make!  It’s so quick and easy, you’ll looking for more places to put them!

This leaf garland is a Christmas version of one of my most popular garlands I first shared HERE a couple years ago!  I was also inspired by this gorgeous wreath from Glitterville

Like my original leaf garland, this requires just a few supplies. Providing these shopping links for your convenience, some of which are affiliate links which help to support this blog.

*Colored Cardstock (I used about 7  12″ x 12″ sheets in various colors, yielding between 50 and 60 leaves)

*Holly Leaf Pattern (I used this free pattern, printed at 60% size) 

*This gold paint pen which is a true gold that works beautifully on paper

*Jute twine or rope (I used approximately 4 ft)

*Some ornaments or large faux berries for embellishment.  I found the berries at Hobby Lobby.  These small white ornaments can work as well.

*Glue gun & glue sticks

* Scissors (my gold ones are HERE)

Start by cutting out your holly leaf pattern.  As I mentioned, I printed mine at 60% size.  I also recommend cutting the cardstock sheets in half and doubling them as you cut to save some time!  I was able to get 8 leaves per 12 x 12 sheet.

Once all the leaves are cut, the next step is to gently fold them.  I use my ruler as a straight edge to get a quick fold.  Here is a cute acrylic ruler similar to mine. (affiliate)

The next step is to add some gold embellishments with the paint pen!  I love this reflective gold!

I left a few of my leaves plain to use on the bottom layer of the garland.  

Next, it’s time to glue them on! Just carefully glue and layer the leaves onto the twine, keeping the leaves in the same general direction.  You do want some variation in the direction to give some body to the garland, but avoid pointing the ends of the leaves in opposite directions.  Also remember to protect your work surface from the hot glue.

Just continue the process until you have the length of garland you want and then make a loop in the end of the twine for easy hanging! 

The last step, and maybe my favorite part– adding the berries!  I found this pearl berry stem at Hobby Lobby, and I just pulled them off the stem to glue them place!

I added the berries in three’s, spaced out on the garland, and it was done!  Can’t wait to show you how I’m planning to use this in my Christmas decor this year!  Pin this and share it to spread some holiday cheer!  Have you started any Christmas crafting yet this year??