Well if there’s one thing we’ve learned recently, it’s that things can change very quickly! And while most of the change we’ve seen lately is definitely unwanted at the moment, today I’m sharing a refreshingly fabulous transformation! It’s the reveal of the townhouse turnover I shared in my last post– the latest home project from my brother, David, with the help of his friend, Josh.

I’m sharing the befores with the afters so you can see how amazing this job has been. And they did it all within a few months on nights and weekends! My only contribution was a tiny bit of consulting on fixtures and finishes, and I’ll share the sources for those as well!

First up is this kitchen! I can’t get enough of it!!

I promise– it’s actually the same kitchen as this one, even though there’s zero resemblance now!

It’s so fresh and clean with basically brand new everything!  The countertops are Quartz Super White and they are beautiful!  And no more popcorn ceiling!  Now they are a smooth finish painted in Benjamin Moore Decorator White, as are the cabinets and trim! Since the cabinets were still in good shape, they decided to just give them some fresh coats of paint and update them with concealed soft-close hinges. And do you recognize the hardware?? It’s the same that I recently did in my own kitchen! I shared that post HERE.

Click on the pics below for some of the kitchen sources…

Just around the corner from the kitchen are the dining and living areas, again unrecognizable from before!

The new paint color on all the walls is Benjamin Moore Horizon OC-53, and it’s beautiful!  Recognize the wagon wheel chandelier?  It’s the same one I now have in my piano room in brass!

The living area adjoins the dining, and really shows off the gorgeous wood floors which run throughout the house.  These are a 7-inch wide Nashville Trolley in Hickory by Shaw.  

But the show-stopper in here in this fireplace!

Remember this before?  David’s choices in brick and mantle and shiplap just totally knocked this out of the park!

The master bedroom is another major transformation…

But the master bath is just phenomenal!!

To be honest, I had not seen much worse than the before, and the true nastiness can’t even be seen in the pictures.  

But now– I can’t even!! Completely transformed!

Nothing beats a classic black and white in my opinion, so I am in love with this!  Add in the brass accents here and there and I am sold for sure!  The granite in the bathrooms is Luna Pearl and the mirror here is from Hobby Lobby!  Other sources are linked to the pics below…


In the other two beds and bathroom, more new everything as well!

You would never believe from looking at this house that remodeling is not even what David and Josh do at their day jobs.  They just love DIY projects like so many of us, and they have gotten really good at it!

Not surprisingly, this house sold weeks before it was even finished.  (I would have loved to be able to decorate it now that its done.)  But I’m so proud of these two!  Looking forward to seeing what’s next!  If you’d like to see more of David’s projects, click HERE!