So one of the most fun things about having a blog and social media community is when I can ask for your opinion on decor decisions and you always come through! It’s like having a huge circle of sisters and friends to call on when I need to borrow some confidence in these big decisions! And our latest discussion was about dining tables! I loved hearing your points of view and I’m pleased to announce that we ordered one of the most popular reader choices!

And here it is! {Drumroll please!}….

How many of you voted for this one?? (Number 8!)  

I’m excited to see it in our own space, which should be sometime within the next week or two!  Now, however, I have a new dilemma to figure out which is in regard to the chairs!  

My plan is to keep all the current chairs and add 4 more of the x-back cafe chairs which I’ve had for several years.  But there is good news and bad news regarding those… The good news is that they’re still available from Restoration Hardware.  The bad news is that the company does not make it easy for you to get them unless you live within a certain radius of a showroom.  Since I’m in East TN and live out of range, it’s (ARE YOU READY?) $499 just for shipping costs to get 4 chairs to me!!  And, yes, that is more than the cost of the 4 chairs themselves. I’ve already expressed my unhappiness to them, called 2 showrooms and the online catalog center, suggested other shipping options, and the best solution anyone could offer was for me to find a friend in range to ship them to and then pick them up!

While I love these chairs, this situation has made me strongly consider not giving them my business and just buying 10 other ones from a more customer-serving company.  So, I’m thinking!  

Here are a few other options I’ve found and I’d love to hear (once again) what you think! (Click on the photos for the link to the sources!)

This first one is very similar to my originals so I could consider taking a chance and just buying 4 extra of these… 

OR, I could stick with the same style and change the color just a little, buying 10 new ones of these… (currently they’re an extra 30% off)…

OR, I have even considered totally shifting gears and going with a totally new look like one of these…

So what would you choose?? And why does it seem like every change leads to more decisions about the next change!?  HA!  Can’t wait to hear from you!