I have to say I’m a little surprised that after several years of popularity at parties and celebrations of all kinds, naked cakes are still as hot as ever!  And we all know the only limitations for decorating and displaying them are the ones we put on ourselves!  I recently put a fall spin on some of my favorite naked cake techniques I’ve shared in the past and I’m hoping they’ll inspire you if you’re looking for a cute fall confection!

This first one is this simple semi-naked cake with one of my favorite fall go-to’s: chocolate leaves!

I followed the same steps I shared in my original Naked Cake Tutorial HERE, but this time I used 2 spice cake mixes in 3 layers.

Then, I just followed the steps for my chocolate leaves HERE and added them to the cake!  Such a simple and fun fall dessert!

And of course after that, I decided I needed a few mini versions as well.  My easiest-ever mini naked cakes have been just as popular as the original, so I thought you might like these too! 

You may remember these are a super-simple no-bake variety of naked and semi-naked cakes which I first shared HERE.  For the fall versions, I topped two of them with faux fall blooms and on the third, I added some extra large chocolate leaves…

To make this type of leaf, I did a quick image search for a simple maple leaf shape and printed it out in the size I wanted.  Then, I layered it with a piece of wax paper so I could recreate the leaf with chocolate!  I used the same basic semi-sweet chocolate chips I do for the original leaves, melted in the microwave until smooth.

I started with a little drop of chocolate in the center of the leaf, then using a wooden skewer, I spread the chocolate around to fill in the pattern.  

No need for perfection, as with most everything else I share here!  Once the leaf is filled in, I like to draw some “veins” just to add some detail…

Once these were done, I put them in the fridge to harden for several minutes.  I recommend adding these just before serving as they can start to soften quickly in warm temperatures.  Also, placing them in a bowl can add dimension to the leaves so the edges can curl up as they harden.

I hope you like these ideas for some fun fall treats to bring to the table!