Naked cakes (and semi-naked cakes) have been on trend for a few years now and definitely seem to remain a favorite for readers here since I first posted this easy how-to a couple years ago!  Recently, I got the crazy idea to try a mini version that’s even easier than the original and I think you’re going to like these!

If you’re like me, you agree that the best part about making these cakes is the decorating, so I decided for these, to just skip the baking all together and just create!  I’m that girl that sees no reason to re-invent a perfectly good wheel, so I grabbed some yummy cake donuts and decided they needed a chance to be stars, so I gave them a try. Now there’s just no stopping them!

Seriously, All you need are some basic cake donuts, some frosting, and some flowers, fruits, or whatever else you may choose to top them off with! 

I made each little cake by simply slicing the donuts in half, then layering!  Since these donuts are soft, they sometimes end up with a flat side in the box, so start by gently pressing around the edges of the donut to round it out if necessary.

Next, just carefully slice them to create the layers. I used three layers for each cake, so one dozen donuts will yield 8 mini cakes.  

Next, carefully spread the frosting in between the layers.  

You can choose to leave it naked like this one with no frosting around the sides…

Or choose to add a thin layer around the sides as well, to make it a semi-naked cake…

At this point, you can top them with flowers, fruits, or embellishments to turn them into little works of art!  (Please note:  If you are using flowers that are not edible, I recommend lining the top of the cake with a small circle of wax paper to create a barrier and protect the food.)  

The possibilities are obviously only limited to your own creativity!  So many options here!!

And yet another option is to top with a layer of chocolate ganache.  I replicate this the easy way by slightly melting a few spoonfuls of basic chocolate fudge frosting for about 15 to 20 seconds in the microwave.  

Then, just gently spoon it over the top of one of the cakes to create a smooth over-layer…

Place the cake in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set up for at least 30 minutes.  Then, top with fruits, flowers, or whatever!

Are your own ideas flowing yet?? I can tell you mine are!  I can’t wait to use this idea in all kinds of ways from birthdays to showers to make-and-take parties with kids!  I can’t wait to see what you do with these, too!  Be sure to share your pics with me or tag me on social media to show me your creations! 

And if you’re looking for ways to display them, I’ve gathered a few ideas and linked them below.  Click on the pics for sources!