If you’ve been here any length of time, you might have gathered that my decorating style is not easily defined. I’ve got the fun opportunity to have a lot of different types of spaced under one roof and I like to keep things interesting by using different styles in these different spaces! But there is one common element that you can find in literally every room: words. My love for words and my God-given desire to always communicate a message has definitely made an appearance in my decorating style and it’s something I love to see in other people’s spaces as well so just for fun, I’ve curated a little gallery of creative words in decor in my house. If you’re looking for ideas for how to use words in your decor, maybe this will inspire!

DIY Letterboard on the screened porch 



Kitchen chalkboard 



Chalkboard wall



Guest bathroom



Breakfast room



Basement Hangout



Tote Bag Pillow Cover



Screened porch chalkboard



Guest room