When people ask if I have any advice for what to add when building a house, my first answer is a screened porch!  This room is our most lived-in room of the house from late spring to early fall, and it has held many good memories for us in the past several years.  Each summer, I like to switch things up just a little bit from the year before, and that’s what I’ve done once again this year!  I’ve already shared a few bits and pieces of some new items, but here’s how it all comes together…

One of the new items I’ve done this year is the pillow cover made from a tote, which I shared HERE

And it was time for some replacement black and white striped chair cushions so I found these at At Home stores.  (Scout totally approves.)

Shop the look…


Some of my loyal long-time readers might remember this metal-top coffee table which was one of the first makeover projects I did on the blog.  It has been out here still going strong for almost 9 years now! It cost me $7.50 nine years ago, and it’s still exactly what I want out here so I haven’t wanted to change it! (You can see the original post about it HERE)

There is a new table out here, though, in the corner, and I am loving it as well!  After several years with a tiny little table in this space, this one is providing more styling opportunities, which I always see as a bonus! You can shop this look below!

Another new project I shared recently was this DIY letter board I made from a clearance piece of art!  So many messages to share, so little time!! You can find the details on this HERE.

My husband and I were just commenting to each other that we haven’t eaten inside the house in weeks now because we’ve been out here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! This table has hosted many good friends and great conversations and we’re looking forward to more!!

And like I shared a few weeks ago, there is always new chalk art out here with every season!  You can get a free printable of this HERE

If you need me this summer, chances are you can find me out here!  I hope this inspires you with some outdoor decorating ideas and that you make plenty of time with your favorite people to enjoy it!