Graduation season is suddenly here again!  Did that school year go by super- fast for anyone else??  The announcements and party invites are arriving daily at our house, and I thought I’d re-share a few of my favorite cash gifts for graduates from the past–and one brand new one!

The first one has been a favorite among my own kids and family friends, and still very popular on my Pinterest!  It’s my original Money Chain Gift for the Grad and you can find the easy steps by clicking HERE

Another favorite we’ve done has been the Money Graduation Cap.  Either of these will be happily accepted by girls or guys, I promise!  This one can be found with all the detailed instructions right HERE.

And my latest creative idea for gifting cash to the graduate is a Money Badge which they can first wear, then spend.  I shared this as a guest post for my friend Passionate Penny Pincher HERE!  Click over there for the easy how-to.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your graduation gift-giving.  And if you’re the graduate, may you be blessed to receive one of these gifts!  I’d love to see your graduates with these!  Please send me pics!