These are my favorite days of the year, when summer is knocking at the door with an armload of plans waiting to be embarked upon, the weather is just right so we can spend all day outside without wilting, and the plants and flowers are at their best!  So, naturally, I’m getting our outdoor spaces in shape for plenty of porch living.  

If you know me at all, you know I have to make a few new changes every year to give everything a fresh look, and part of the fun is seeing how to mix new elements with existing ones to get a great look!  

On the front doors, I still have my basic boxwood wreaths just because I love the classic look and how they work for all seasons!  Click below to shop these…

Other new elements on the porch are these small boxwoods which I found at Walmart for a great deal.  Hopefully I can keep them alive in my urns!  I’ll keep you updated!  

In the sitting area, I went with a new rug since my previous one was ruined by a stray cat that kept deciding to bring me gifts of creatures that were no longer living!  (I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t pretty.)  Keeping my fingers crossed that the cat has moved to another neighborhood.  But I do love this blue rug!  It’s a different color scheme than I’ve always had out here, but it still works with my favorite go-to black and white stripes!  

Shop these items here…

I had previously used the bright green pillows on the back porch, but I brought them up here and added the new floral one for just a little pop of color.

A couple new accessories I added were the blue bottles!  I got a smaller one for my black tables, and a larger one to go by the chair on the floor.  I found these two at Marshall’s, but you can find them many places because they’re currently very popular.  

The yellow flowers I have in the seagrass basket and the ones on the front steps are Kalanchoe (pronounced kah-lun-KOH-ee).  They are actually succulents so that means they’re very low-maintenance!  I have kept smaller pots of these on the screened porch in the past, but this year, I found these large ones at Home Depot and I’ve loving them!

I also have more succulents in my little brass planter.  Did I mention these are low maintenance?? I love the little flowers on the portulaca as well.  

And just to keep the theme going, I switched up my hoop wreath by the door with a few more succulents!  (These are faux, though, because I’m not ambitious enough to try this with real ones!) Click HERE to see my how-to’s for hoop wreaths!

And lastly, I wanted to share my favorite new element on the porch!  My husband actually got me this a couple months ago and I’m loving it!  It’s a Ring Video Doorbell!  (You can find this via my affiliate link HERE.)

This thing is so great, I could go on and on about it, but the general idea is that it’s a camera that connects to your wi-fi, which you can view from your phone or mobile device, and even answer remotely, similar to a FaceTime call!  So, whether I’m home or away, we have this set up to notify us when there is motion on the front porch.  Then, we can choose to speak to the caller or not.  This also can replace your doorbell, so you can have chimes in the house that will ring when the button is pressed.  When you get the app on your phone, you can be included in a network of Ring users in your area who can share videos or comments to alert you if there is suspicious behavior in the neighborhood, etc.  Here is the view from mine!

It’s also great because I know when packages have been delivered, and I can review video footage if there was any problem with packages disappearing!  I just wanted to share this because I had been considering a front door camera for awhile and now that we have this, I love it!  Find the shopping links to the Ring and extra chimes here…

I hope you’re enjoying porch season where you live and, if not now, I hope it arrives soon!  Have fun styling your outdoor spaces.  I’ll share my summer screened porch with you soon!