I didn’t really plan for our tiny powder room to become an art gallery, but when we made it over last year and added the big statement floral art, the bathroom kinda told us what it wanted to be.  And it’s taken a full year for it to finally achieve its intended look, but there’s so such going on in here now, people are going to have to stay awhile to take it all in.  And that’s ok!

So here’s the latest I’ve done in there…  I’d had a plan for a small gallery on the blank wall behind the door, so I just bought a large canvas and went for it like I did on the original floral painting in there.  I am just an amateur artist, like I’ve shared here many times, but I love putting colors I love together on canvas and seeing how it turns out!  This pink floral one just took a shape of its own and when I thought it looked like a good stopping point, I stopped!  It definitely wouldn’t win any awards for technique, but it makes me happy so it’s a success!








I had also envisioned some abstract art in floating frames, so I played around with that a little with some textured paper and didn’t like how it was going until I finally decided I was just going to put some colors on a palette, smash it to the paper and just see what happened!  (Yes, random, I know)







Then, I just dabbed the paint a little with a dry paper towel.


So, here’s the result!  To me, it does look a little like a 3rd grade art project, but on the plus side, it has all the colors I wanted and the frames I found for these will be really easy to switch out the art if I get the urge!



I bought two of these floating frames from Hobby Lobby on 50% off week, and switched out the llamas for my own creations, and up on the wall they went!








And for one last piece to make one more statement, I designed this Bon Jour sign…


And as I’ve done many times before, I searched the clearance aisle to find the right frame for the sign.  The glass was missing from this horse art, but all I needed was a frame and mat, so it was perfect!





And that was the finishing piece for this new gallery bath!  Yes, that’s a lot of art for a space so small I can’t even get good pics of it!  But it’s a happy little space!  If you’d like a free download of the Bon Jour Y’all print, click here!



And I hope this may inspire you to try your hand at some custom art for your own home!  Let me know if you do– I’d love to see it!