If you know me and my room makeovers, you probably already know what I’m going to say:  I’ve got a new favorite room in the house! And yes, I say this every time, but every time, I mean it!  All my pinning and planning for the powder room bath have finally come to life and I am loving it!


Remember the before?



We said goodbye to the Old World Charm and hello to Modern Chic…



We literally changed everything except the toilet and floor tile!

My first step was to paint the ceiling.  Even though a part of me hated to say good bye to the clouds, I loved the thought of a ceiling painted with Sherwin Willliams’ Dignity Blue, and it turned out to be just what I wanted!



After sanding the yellow striped walls, I gave them a couple coats of SW Pure White, and major transformation started to occur!





Next came the tile, which was this natural marble one we chose from Lowes.



The wall paper is actually one large mural, which Dave and I designed and printed at our graphics company.  It’s a fabulous peel and stick, easy-to remove material, which I love!  Remember the custom murals we did in Lily’s room here? We can offer basically any design you can dream up!  Email me directly for more info on this custom wall covering!

Dave installed it in one piece while I watched and took pics!  It was an immediate change!




And it was just the right mix of modern and classic that I wanted so this room could stay true to the feel of our home!


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And the chandelier may actually be the element tying the wallpaper for first place in my mind!  I found this one here, and as soon as I spotted it, I fell in love!   You may have followed my progress of assembling it on my Instagram.

Lola and I put all 50 glass bars in place ourselves, and it was done in no time!



The pictures just can’t do this justice–it’s fabulous in person!



As for the sconces, I love them too, and I was able to get them for a great deal right here.  They come in several other finishes as well!




This is the vanity we chose, and it was a great deal for a quality white vanity with a Carrara Marble top.  And we were pleasantly surprised to get an extra discount when we went to pick it up, due to the box being damaged!  I love those kinds of mishaps!



It came with brushed nickel handles, but I wanted a gold tone to go with the rest of the fixtures, so I ordered these, which were a great deal, and fit the piece perfectly!



Have you noticed a little trend yet?   Most every element we added had a modern bar design, so when I found this polished brass faucet, with its sleek bar handles, I knew it would be perfect as well!



And as for the mirror, this is a very popular style, available in a large range of prices with popular home decor sites, but the best deal I found was this one, and it arrived in just a couple days!



A few other details include the towel bar, toilet paper holder, soap pump, and trash can.




There is one last element to go in this room that I haven’t quite decided on yet, and that’s the artwork!  We have a large blank white wall that’s begging to be decorated, and I’ve been drawing inspiration from different places, waiting for just the right idea!  That one missing piece will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that!



Meanwhile, we’re loving this space already, and I’m thrilled to have it ready for our family coming into town this week for fall break!  Just a couple of tips if you’re thinking about designing a space like this (or any design!):  first, be flexible to change your plan if needed.  I had a different wallpaper in mind at first, but when we brought in a sample, I knew right away that it just wasn’t the right one.   So, I didn’t panic, I just re-worked it and found this one which I love way more!  Second, don’t obsess with perfection!  There was a time in my life that it would have driven me crazy that all the different gold tones in this room don’t match.  But now, I don’t sweat it.  There’s no way to be able to match metal tones exactly when buying from different sources.  And that’s ok!  The slight variations actually work together to make the space more interesting.  And lastly, be patient.  If you can’t find every single piece of the puzzle at one time, take a breath and be patient.  Just like me with the artwork– I definitely want it to be right, and so I’m fine with delaying the final result just a little to get the look that fits this space!



As always, if you have questions about any of the pieces in this room, be sure to let me know!  As a recap, I’ve got sources labeled and listed for quick reference in this pic!

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2. Custom Wallpaper (contact me for more info!)

3. Sconces


5. Faucet

6. Towel Bar

7. Soap Pump

8. Vanity

9. Brass Handles

10.  Marble Tile

11. Trash Can

12. Toilet Paper Holder


I hope you like this design and that it gives you some inspiration if you’re looking to remodel a bathroom like this!  I want to say a big thanks to those of you who followed along this makeover via Instagram and cheered me on!  And I’d also like to thank my husband, who makes all my design dreams come true, and proved once again, by working with me for hours in this small space, that we are –more than ever– the perfect team!