Y’all know how I am about wreaths… I like them classic and easy to make, which usually means they are just a variation of my ever-present simple green wreath which I’ve been loving for several years now.  I first shared the how-to for those on the blog years ago, and since then, I’ve used the same technique and just freshened up my greens when they started getting faded or worn!  You can find that post HERE.

This year, I envisioned a little different look for my fall wreaths with a more neutral palette instead of the bursts of fall color I’ve done in the past.  And here’s what I came up with…



This was so simple to do that I can almost shut up now and just let you see the pics, but we all know that’s just not like me.  So, here we go.  As I said, I started with my basic boxwood wreath, and because I always save any extra effort, I don’t even remove these from the doors when I work on them unless I’m changing out the ribbon. (Click HERE for my method for hanging wreaths without damaging your door!)



If you read my last post, you saw that I picked up a few things at Hobby Lobby to give these wreaths a fall feel, and I ended up with some white pumpkin picks, some greenery with white and green berries, and some wired black and white striped ribbon…



The great thing about these grapevine boxwood wreaths is that you can just stick things in them and then take them out so easily and there’s no need for even gluing.  So, I just stuck in the pumpkin picks right where I wanted them…



For just a little more texture and color variation, I used the green berry bush which I cut in to separate stems using wire cutters.  This one bush was enough for my two wreaths.  Then, I stuck the stems into the wreath so they would spray out from the pumpkins.


It was so hot the day I was doing this, I guess I was in a hurry and forgot to take a pic of putting in the stems before the ribbon, but this is the basic idea… (So sorry!)



So, to tie the ribbon, I just took enough length to just wrap around the wreath where I wanted it and tied!


To give it a little more of a bow effect, I just took another length of it (about 12 inches or so) and laid it across the middle of the first knot, then just tied another right over it.





So, I basically just have four pieces draping down into a unique type of bow.




And that is all there is!  I thought at first that I might need to add a little color to make it feel more like fall, but then I decided I like them just like they are! You could easily add a different color ribbon or even a few flowers to change it up a little if you wanted to!



And while I was out on the porch, I switched up my little hoop wreath as well.  Here is how I originally made it for spring. For fall, I just removed the pink flowers and added a couple more autumn-toned stems along with a little welcome sign I had picked up at Target a few months back.  Can you tell I love me some green wreaths??



And with a few mums I put out on the steps, suddenly it feels more like fall on the porch!  And I’ve almost finished putting out all the fall inside as well, so stay tuned for my fall tour coming next week!