Hey, y’all!  I think the Great Pollen Battle of 2018 is just about winding down at our house, so I decided to go ahead and get the porch washed down and spruced up for the season so we can finally enjoy it!



I didn’t have to do much in the way of redecorating (still using this little hoop wreath I made for Spring), but I did make a few small changes, and of course– I finally bought some flowers!



My old lanterns were totally past their prime after several years, so I spotted these new brass ones and knew they’d be perfect! (Now I just need actual candles!)




I found this small striped basket at Target at Bullseye’s Playground, and it turned out to be just right for my Mandevilla plant.




Click to shop!



A couple of new palm pillows and this gorgeous striped outdoor blanket were a couple of other finds to go with my existing decor. And I got some more Purslane for my little brass planter because this color was fabulous and the plant is drought-tolerant for those days I forget to water!




The Initial Outdoor Rug I made last year is still looking great, and I left it out all winter.  Find the easy how-to for that here.  And the moss ball urns are still going strong for me, although I am planning to refresh them again soon since the birds have been making themselves at home with my moss!  See how I made these here.



And in other exciting news around here, I got the flower box out front “planted”.  And by “planted” I mean I did my 5-minute method of getting it done!  (Yes, that’s my little watch dog in the window).


My easy trick is to buy hanging plants when I find a great deal and and just drop them in the flower box, pot and all!




After that, all that’s left to do is hook up our DIY irrigation system and let it do its work!  It’s amazing what consistent watering will do for these plants!  Find the easy how-to that system here.



That’s what’s new around our house this week!  I’m super excited that my college kids are coming home tomorrow!  So, let the summer fun begin! SaveSave