When it comes to decor, it’s true that I don’t leave too many things the same way for too long.  I’ve already re-decorated a few rooms in this house 3 times by now!  But, I do have some pieces and projects that I love so much, I’ve stuck with them for the long haul.  And this little lamp with the wire lampshade on our porch is one of those.  So, I’m revisiting this DIY from all the way back in 2010 because I’m still loving it today, and I thought some of you might, too!


Here it is on our porch today…



Click HERE for the original how-to post with all the instructions on how I first made this.  Although a lot of things have been updated on this porch since then, there’s one more piece on this porch that is just as old as the lamp!  Anyone know what that is?  Take a guess, and I may be revisiting it soon as well!  Do you like to switch things up a lot in your house or keep things forever??