I’ve been working on some projects for my accessory-challenged screened porch lately, dreaming of French wire baskets & wondering how I might incorporate them into my decorating plan. Don’t you just love these?

{Photo: The French House}



{Photo: Wisteria.com}



I think I might go dig up some old rolled maps or something just to have an excuse to buy one of these. Recently, when I was searching for a lamp shade to go on a lamp for the porch, the idea came to me that maybe I could create one out of wire to mimic the look of a French wire basket.So, I sat down with this inexpensive little lamp shade, and, using my handy needle-nose pliers, I stripped it down to a lamp shade skeleton. (This idea would be great for those nasty cheap thrift store lamp shades.)


Then, I experimented with some 18 gauge green floral wire, finding a technique that created the look I wanted.



I simply folded a wire in half over the frame from bottom to top, then secured the wire in place by wrapping the ends in a spiral pattern in opposite directions, using the pliers to help when needed. Here’s how the process looks:



I continued this technique all the way around, alternating folding from top to bottom & from bottom to top, judging by which was needed to keep the “spirals” sort-of consistent. Here’s how it looks when wired all around:



Next, I took it outside for a good spray paint treatment, but I was a little concerned that regular spray paint may not be the safest choice for a lamp shade that will get hot when the lamp is in use, so my super-smart hubby suggested I use grill paint (high heat enamel).



As soon as it was dried, I tried it on the lamp base. I think they’re very happy together. It’s just the right amount of French treatment this space needed.




Now I’m thinking of how great this technique would look on a large hanging shade. (Don’t be surprised if you see that later!)