It’s already week two of the One Room Challenge and we’re slowly progressing in Lily’s room.  (Click here if you missed the mood board from last week.)  I’m not getting nervous yet, but we still have a long way to go! Eek!  The project I did get done this week is a mirror makeover, and I love how it turned out.

This is the mirror currently in Lily’s room.  It’s a cute little antique round one that I found years ago.



It was not only a great deal, but it ended up having a little mystery to go along with it! As I was taking the old mirror apart, I found an old section of our local newspaper from 1963 tucked in between the mirror and backing!  It was the wedding announcement section, and I was left to wonder what on earth the significance was!


Of course, when I put the newly painted mirror back together, I put the newspaper back in too!  You can find the original post about this mirror here.  That little backstory was just part of the charm of this mirror, but we needed an upgrade.  As cute as it is–its ripply antique glass is just not going to cut it for a 14-year-old.  So, I decided to replace it.  And since I’m one of those people who can hardly get rid of things, I already had a great mirror that will work just perfectly!

This was a hand-me-down that Dave and I were given when we first got married!  Here it is in the living room of our old house 8 years ago!


It’s been in our basement here since we moved and now it’s going to have a great life again!



I had originally spray-painted this black years ago, but this time I decided to brush paint because I had a very specific color in mind.

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And this was the perfect one– Apple Red by Folk Art. I bought 3 bottles for this mirror, and I needed almost all of it.







After a few coats, I can already tell it’s going to be awesome!  I also finished it off with a coat of this Dura Clear High Gloss by Deco Art to give it a nice glossy protective finish.



Wish me luck in getting the walls painted next week!  Have I mentioned I still have so much to do??!!


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